Credit Repair Specialist - Vanisha Everett

Vanisha Everett 

Credit Repair Specialist

Contact Information: 


Phone: 504-313-0116

Facebook:Nisha Everett 



i2 was living paycheck to paycheck. 

i2 grew up without credit knowledge.

i2 turned my doubts into victory. 

I have currently helped hundreds just like myself. Bettering my community one person at a time. Credit restoration is not just about repairing but also building. How good does your credit look.

Style Influencer/Designer - Willie Franklin

Name: Willie H. Franklin III


Contact: 504-390-5298

Instagram: Styleatwill

Career: I’m a style influencer, brand promoter, and designer in the making from New Orleans, Louisiana. My mission is to inspire fashion lovers and non fashion lovers to take risks and find their authentic style. I currently promote a wide array of styles from numerous designers and brands on my social media platform and website. Fashion trends are ever-changing so I make it my business to attend conventions and shows to keep my knowledge of new trends current. I’m in the early phase of creating the first season of my clothing line with a current launch date in late 2019.

Cosmetologist/Mixologist - Bianca Johnson

Bianca “Cookie” Johnson


New Beginnings Hair Salon


3632 Gen. Meyer Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70114 

Instagram: hair_bycookie 

Facebook: Bianca Johnson 

My name is Bianca “Cookie” Johnson. I’m a native of New Orleans and a mother of two beautiful children. I’ve been in this business for 20+ years, I thoroughly enjoy every single moment of using my gift for the well-being of humanity. I’ve been a business owner for the last 9 years. Hair is my passion and I Love it. I’m a Mixologist with hair color and hair is my palette. It’s not a day that I wake up that I don’t want to have an opportunity to use my gift. I was graced with a gift to make people look and feel beautiful. 

Videography - Damian Gordon

Rich In Spirit Productions 

Contact: 504-650-1891

Instagram: @RichInSpiritProd


2829 Washington Ave. 

New Orleans,LA

Photographer - Johnny Henderson

Johnny Henderson


Facebook- JHE Media LLC 

Instagram @jhemedia


I've been blessed with the skills to provide services to capture moments that will last a lifetime. With over 15 years of combined experience in IT technologies, video editing, audio engineering, and photography, my main objective is to provide you with a service that you are forever grateful for.

Fitness - Percy Crockett

Percy Crockett


4150 state street drive New Orleans,La. 70125


Percy Crockett (Facebook)


Personal Trainer turned bodybuilder who’s motto is, "Saving Lives One Pound At A Time". Specialities consist of: boot camp specialist• Lifestyle coach• strength and conditioning coach• weight loss management.

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